Fruit, Desserts, Drinks, Table & Linen Rental & More

Fruit, Desserts, Drinks, Table & Linen Rental & More.


Order our Salad enhancing fresh fruits such as cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, grapes & strawberries. Garnished with lime and parsley.

Complimenting bowl of Fruit – $39.99

Olive & Cheese Pesto

Here is another great option to add as a side to any one of our Specialty Salads. This goes great with our fruit and your guests will be happy. Our cheese blocks of Monterrey Jack and Mild Cheddar are tossed in our Basil Pesto with Green olives and a dash of garlic.

Complimenting Olive & Cheese Pesto for a 1/2 tray of salad. – $39.99


Ask our director.

Gallons of Tea & Lemonade

  • Gallon of sweet/unsweet tea (8 cups, ice, sweetener, lime) – $11.99
  • Specialty Tea (Passion Fruit, Raspberry, Peach Mango) – $14.99
  • Freshly Squeezed Lemonade – $17.99
  • Iced Bottled Water Ozarka 16.9 oz – $1.99

**Setups are eating utensils, napkins, and plates.
.50 cents per person for a basic Styrofoam plate and utensil
$2.50 per person for an elegant plastic plate, linen-like dinner napkin and elegant plastic silverware.

Chafing Dishes ( up to 2) – $75 delivery and pick up

12-foot table set up with linen – $100.

Staff Services Administration Fee – $175 plus gratuity to each server.

TABC certified Bartenders available.

PROFESSIONAL CATERING DELIVERY CHARGE – $15.00 for first 8 miles. For each additional mile after the first 8, there is a $1.25 charge. Service is dependent on availability. Please add gratuity and $3.50 Director Fee per catering order.