Full Bar Service

Good day and thank you for your interest in our services. Depending on the extent of formality of your event, our bar service prices range from $18 per person up to $25 per person. Our Basic Open Bar service with an elegant bar setup is $18 per person plus 18% gratuity. This service is for three hours. It is an additional $3.00 per person plus 18% gratuity for each additional hour.

An elegant bar with top shelf liquor, wine, and domestic, imported, and craft beer.

Vodka Tonic
Vodka Cranberry
Gin & Juice
Gin & Tonic
Bourbon & Coke
Rum & Coke
Margarita on the rocks

Dos Equis Lager & similar Imports
Shiner Bock & similar dark beers
Bud light & similar popular national domestics
Local Craft Beers

Guillermo’s is a TABC Licensed and insured Catering Service. We only use approved TABC licensed servers. With our license, we assume the liability of serving alcohol. Please contact us so we can discuss and tailor your event to your specific request.

We also offer a flat service fee Bar Service. This is a great pay as you go option. Our bar staff is trained and tailored for your formal, non formal, or party themed event. $400 fee, sale of alcohol, and tip collection for our bar staff. We have a wide selection of assorted specialty drinks, frozen drinks, sangria, local craft beer, draft beer, wines and premium liquors.