Catering F.A.Q.s

Q – On your trays of focaccia bread sandwiches, can we substitute your standard turkey & bacon and ham & pepperoni sandwiches for other types of sandwiches?

A – Yes, you may substitute in increments of six our standard turkey & bacon or ham & pepperoni for veggie & cheese sandwiches for no additional cost. You may also order a tray, ¾ tray, or ½ tray of our specialty sandwiches, which consist of chicken & cilantro and/or spinach, bacon, chicken, and cheese.

Q – If I want to purchase a full tray of your Guillermo’s house salad with your cranberries and pineapples etc. can I add some spinach & pasta mixed in?

A – Yes, we recommend you purchase our split salad. Our split salad has a bed of mixed greens on half the tray and a bed of spinach & pasta on the other half. You may also order a full tray of salad split with our Creamy house Italian on one side and a Caesar Salad or Ranch salad on the other half.

Q – Can I order chicken on my trays of salad?

A – Absolutely, We put hot chicken in a side aluminum pan. We can add a cilantro pesto or a spicy chipotle sauce. It is $25 to add chicken on the side for a full tray.

Q – Can I add avocado and mango to my salad tray?

A – As long as it is in season, for $20, Mango is a delicious addition. Since we use only fresh produce, we do not recommend avocado as it will turn color real fast.

Q – What type of bread do you recommend we pair with our salad and pasta dish?

A – Of course our focaccia bread is very good however you might want to consider our olive and onion flat cheese bread.

Q – Can I order boxed lunches the same day I need them and what is the minimum amount I can order?

A – 10 boxed lunches is the minimum you may order. We need at least 24 hour advance notice for boxed lunches. Fortunately we offer a daily sandwich special that you may order the same day as your lunch and for any lunches smaller than 10 orders.

Q – I failed to order lunch for the office the day before, can I order trays of sandwiches, salad, gallons of tea, cookies, and setups the same day I need them?

A – There is a good chance we can take your order. Please call us immediately. Unless we are completely booked, we can probably take your order (we have two kitchens). Know that Guillermo’s strive to serve our customers well and we know that you depend on us. We do not want to let you down.

Q – I really would like eggplant Parmesan for our party but I do not see it on your catering menu. Can you prepare dishes other than the dishes listed on your website?

A – Guillermo’s has a talented team of Chefs. We absolutely can make eggplant Parmesan and many other Italian, American, European and Mexican dishes.

Q – What are setups?

A – Setups are what we consider to be plates, napkins, eating utensils, and serving utensil. Setups are not automatically included with your order and they must be ordered separately. We offer a formal setup package or an economical setup package.

Q – How far do you deliver?

A – South Austin is the farthest we deliver.

Q – If I order a gallon of tea, does Guillermo’s provide ice & cups?

A – Not only do we provide ice & cups, we also provide limes or lemons, 3 splenda, 3 sugar in the raw, and three sweet n lo. If you order a gallon of sweet tea we do not provide sweeteners.